Millenial Media Mavin Peace Hyde Joins E Suite Panle On #Essence

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    From her UK classroom to becoming one of the most celebrated media personalities on the continent, Peace Hyde is now fast becoming a household name globally.

    The host of the Forbes Africa Flagship TV program, My Worst Day with Peace Hyde which just recently launched its second season of billionaire moguls across Africa who share their inspiring journey overcoming adversities in business, was over the weekend invited to join a prestigious panel of game changers like Isa Watson, an MIT graduate and founder of non profit solution Envested and listed as Inc. 30 under 30 and Stephanie Lampkin, Founder and CEO of Blendoor.

    The trio was part of the newly formed Essence Executive Suite panel, which is an exclusive festival opportunity for select, founders, seasoned executives and emerging entrepreneurs.

    In the E-Suite, attendees got the opportunity to encounter experts who shared tips and insights on accessing capital, sharpening entrepreneurship skills and planning career advancement, as well as strategies to help expand expertise in technology and personal finance. Joining her on the panel were fellow entrepreneur and TV personality Vanessa Simmons, entrepreneur and author Karen Civil, founder and CEO of curlBOX, Myleik Teele and artist, author and entrepreneur MC Lyte. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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