More Trouble For Peruzzi As Female Singer Accuses Him Of Defrauding & Assaulting Her Sexually

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Nigerian singer Peruzzi has managed to dominate news headlines and social media conversations for all the wrong reasons since the turn of the year.

A UK-based singer identified as Daffy Blanco has accused the DWM artist of defraudeing and molesting her sexually.

The upcoming singer made this known via a post on her instagram page on January 29, 2020, where she recounted the business transaction that transpired between her and the music star.


Blanco said she was contracted to Peruzzi for a songwriting gig through a bank friend who assured her of his ability to deliver hit songs.

She claimed that Peruzzi deterred from their agreement and refused to carry out his other side of the deal after receiving payment to the tune of N15m.

Narrating further, Blanco reveald that Perruzi beat her up and tried to force his way into her. She shared audio recordings of the singer trying to console her and also claimed to have video footage from the event.

The London-based singer called out the country for its emergency and police inadequacies and added that she would take the case to court.

Daffy Blanco

She said:

You took advantage of me because there is no law in your country especially for women, I remember how you locked the door and did not want me to leave. It’s a shame that there is no 911 in Nigeira no fucken police. I was the one who was hurt but then you were the one crying and begging me not to call my lawyer, until you even fell asleep on my stomach not wanting to let go of me so I don’t leave. I have the video!


Peruzzi is yet to release any official statement. But the he did react to the accusation through a series of tweets on Twitter.

Perruzi has been swirling in controversy lately. It comes after his former employer identified as King Patrick called him out on Twitter for breaching agreement in the contract he signed with his record label.

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