“My Daughter’s Have Had Nudity ” Justin Dean Blows Hot Amid Korra Obidi’s Attempt To Challenge His Recent Move

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American chiropractor Justin Dean, ex-husband of Korra Obidi, took to social media to disclose the reason for his recent actions.

Justin Dean had obtained image rights protection from Meta, restricting Korra Obidi from posting her children online, which left Korra Obidi begging for funds online to challenge Dean’s move in court.

In the face of this, Dean took to his Facebook page, where he addressed netizens concerning the reason for his actions.

According to him, his daughters had their nudes exposed on five different occasions.

He went on to blast people with contrasting opinions.

He wrote: “For those of you not listening

My daughter’s have had nudity exposed on 5 separate occasions. One of which included zoom.

F$ck your opinion.”

This comes days after Justin Dean sparked a buzz online with a post expressing displeasure over his four-year-old daughter’s behaviour.

In his post, Dean expressed shock and concern about his daughter engaging in twerking, a sexually suggestive dance move, and questioned the appropriateness of such behaviour at her age.

He further criticized the notion of “women supporting women,” suggesting that allowing such behaviour does not protect the innocence of children.

No doubt, his ex-wife, Korra Obidi, is known for her provocative style of dancing, which often triggers backlashes from netizens.

Dean voicing out his resentment over his daughter’s recent behavior, however, boils down to the fact that the little girl is being influenced by her mother, which doesn’t sit well with him.

Korra Obidi’s Ex-Husband Justin Dean STOPS Her From Posting The Children – Korra Cries Out For Help


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