‘My name is Elba, Idris Elba’ Is The British Actor Confirming His Role as The Next James Bond?

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Talks are getting stronger about British actor, Idris Elba playing the next James Bond. The popular actor made the rumours stronger by posting ‘My name is Elba, Idris Elba’, on Twitter a few days ago. This famous words as we know is the most popular line in the Bond movies.

According to a report by Esquire Magazine, James Bond producers are “leaning toward” Elba to star as the next 007, after Daniel Craig vacates the position. Howeve,r over the years, Elba denied he wanted the role and going as far to say it should be played by a woman.

But despite the constant back and forth, fans of the idea have continued to hold out hope for the first black James Bond and according to James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli, she is open to diversifying the role.

The Daily Star reports that Broccoli had a conversation with director Antoine Fuqua about potentially casting the role with a non-white actor. The article says Broccoli told Fuqua: ‘it is time’ for a person of colour to get the role.

She added that casting an ethnic minority actor as 007 ‘will happen eventually’ and that ‘Idris could do it if he was in shape’ . ‘You need a guy with a physically strong presence. Idris has that,’ she added.

Why would Idris do this to us?

We all know there is a hint of truth in rumours right?

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