“Myself And My Sister Were To Be On The Attacked Train Last Night But We Missed It” – Actress Rahama Sadau Narrates She Escaped Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack

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Rahama Sadau, the veteran Nollywood actress, and her family narrate how they escaped the train attack last travelling from Abuja to Kaduna and have been thankful to God for life. They bombed the rails hence the train was forced to a halt.

Witnesses confirmed that the bandits later surrounded most of the coaches and opened fire before they forcefully gained access, fired at random, which led to the demise of some passengers. Taking to her verified Twitter account, the ace actress stated that she was scheduled to be on the train with her sister but they miss it. She though opened up that she had friends who were on the train and were victims of the tragedy.

She wrote,

“Myself and my sister were to be on the attacked train last night but we missed it. WE MISSED IT!! It could’ve been me & mine but it’s actually Us… We had friends & family on that train. WHEN IS THIS EVER GONNA STOP??? #KadunaTrainAttack.”(sic)

The actress further seized the opportunity to advise her fans to get their permanent voter’s card(PVC) and ensure their votes count.

Sadau said, “It can only get worse as the elections are fast approaching & the target will always be Arewa… I would say get your PVC and vote wisely but VOTE FOR WHO? The same set of people ??? Still get that PVC PLEASE!!! #KadunaTrainAttack.

“We (AREWA) brought this h*ll upon ourselves, we chose to be suppressed because we are scared. But also failed to realise that the power is actually in our hands… We don’t want to shamefully admit that our leaders have failed us but THEY HAVE!!!

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“Today, With the amount of security personnel at MKO Abiola Stadium, I Came to realise that Nigeria is capable of doing whatever it feels like but “they” just chose to ignore the killings, the whole goddamn security sector. #KadunaTrainAttack.”(sic)

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Scooper News had earlier reported that Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe-Damijo, has shared his thoughts on the state of the nation.

Reflecting on the recent attack on the Abuja-Kaduna train and the pandemonium that broke out at the MKO stadium after Nigeria lost to Ghana in the World Cup qualifier match, RMD opined that Nigerians are angry and bitter and are just looking for triggers.

He bitterly showed worries on the state of the country.

See His Note:

”My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives, the wounded and those who will be traumatized by this incident for a long time. At this time last year I was on this same train to kaduna and we talked about how unsafe life is and the risks we were taking. We are the lucky ones.

Again a month ago I was on the Lagos /Ibadan train and it was the same spectre of death and attacks that plagued our minds. This is not to disregard the comfort and timeliness of the train ride and how desirable it is.

A few weeks later we heard reports of the same train breaking down on the tracks due to lack of Diesel. Again I was lucky that this didn’t happen to me. Point is, it could be anyone any day. On the road, at the airport, train station, no where is safe anymore. This is the extent of our brokenness.

If anything is an indication of how broken we are today, then the shameful storming of the pitch and destruction of the MKO national stadium abuja, is a clear indication. People are angry and bitter and are just looking for triggers. And boy! they are plenty.

See the initial reactions to the quite clear tweet of the young doctor who died from gunshot wounds from the train and you will see that we’ve also lost our humanity.

Nothing surprises and shocks us anymore. We’ve seen and heard it all. Ridiculousness has been enthroned by our leaders at every level.

There is an urgent need to declare a state of emergency in this country. We are heading for the precipice and it doesn’t seem like we are interested in pulling the breaks. After now it’s a free fall.

The government needs to do more than just promises to apprehend the perpetrators and truly save the lives of WE THE PEOPLE.

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Attack On Train!

“An Attack On A Train! We Need To Focus On The Real Problem In Nigeria”-Actor Mary Remmy Njoku Shares Her Opinion, After Nigeria’s Super Eagles Failed To Qualify For Qatar 2022 World Cup

Reportedly on Monday (28-03-2022), a train conveying passengers from Abuja to Kaduna was attacked by gunmen suspected to be bandits in Kaduna State.

The bandits reportedly attacked the train around Dutse axis in Kaduna, just a few kilometres to the Rigasa Train Station in Igabi Local Government Area of the state.

The bandits bombed the train track with an Improvised Explosive Device (#IED) which forced the train to derail, Channels TV cited a passenger to have said.


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