“Na Your Mama Dem Go Shoot,” Phyna Reply Fan Following Police Embarrassment

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Ex-Big Brother Naija winner Phyna has always been one to attract controversy, and her recent encounter with the police was no exception.

This incident went viral as the police, in a rather dramatic fashion, proclaimed their lack of familiarity with her. In the aftermath, Phyna felt compelled to address the situation and set the record straight through her social media channels.

She revealed that the police had begun recording her, prompting her to take out her own phone and even go live on social media.

What made matters more intriguing was her revelation that some individuals in her life were apparently encouraging the police to take action against her. It’s here that the drama begins to unfold.

Phyna revealed that she couldn’t explain the hate and negativity directed at her and expressed her surprise. She reminded everyone that she’s just one winner from Big Brother Naija, and she couldn’t understand why the hate was so pronounced.

In rather plain terms, she referred to her haters as senseless and emphasized the fact that she had ensured the policeman deleted the video he had taken of her.

The policeman, on the other hand, claimed that capturing pictures and videos of those they were tracking was within the bounds of the law.

Phyna countered this by stating that she had never come across such a law before, but she had made certain that the video was erased.

In the midst of all this, she directly addressed those who advocated for the police to take action against her, humorously highlighting that if they were to shoot her, they might just run out of the very air they breathe.

The exchange with the police officer had turned into a perplexing clash of perspectives.

As if things weren’t heated enough, a man decided to throw more fuel on the fire by expressing his wish that Phyna had been shot

Her reaction to this was fierce. She didn’t hold back and lashed out at the fan, going so far as to include the fan’s mother in her retort, taking the exchange to another level of intensity.

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