Nigerian Pastors Now Instruct Angels To Credit The Bank Account Of Their Church Members?

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When an Angel is said to have credited the bank account of someone, we as Christians, expect that it was done through a divine instruction being obeyed. We expect that someone manifested the will of the heavens, by crediting the person’s account.

Recently, a Youtuber by the name of Israel Balogun, has been in the news for being intimidated by the Nigerian Police, regarding a view of his. Mr Balogun, in a Youtube video, posited that the miracles of a certain Nigerian Pastor were false.

Apostle Johnson Suleman and Israel Balogun

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries – Apostle Johnson Suleman – was said to have told his members in different miracle services, that he would command Angels to credit the bank account of those who believe.

The programmes were held in Edo, Nigeria and Atlanta, the United States, in June and July, 2021 respectively.

It was noticed that both in the U.S and Nigeria, there were spectacles where worshippers were coming out with their phones to show credit alerts from the Angels commanded by Suleman.

Mr. Balogun said there was no such thing as a “Miracle money.”

The lawyers of the clergyman described the act by the Youtuber, as “criminal defamation and cyberstalking,” while the clergyman himself maintained the existence of such miracles. Below were some of the lines in the document filed against the Youtuber:

” We, therefore state that the said video which has gone viral is baseless, misleading, posted to injure and undermine the integrity of our client: ipso facto libellous to the person of our client who has millions of followers all over the world and who is a pastor/founder of a church reputed to be one of the fastest-growing churches with branches in over 52 nations of the world (Omega Fire Ministries).

Be put on notice also that your said video against our client is a clear case of hate speech, cybercrime terrorism, unsubstantiated and threat to his social and religious image.

 You are hereby commanded that within 7 days upon receipt of this letter, you remove the said video from all social media platforms and also write a full-page apology to our client, copies of which must be sent to our chambers and also to be printed on your Facebook and Youtube channel.

 Take notice that unless you fully and effectually comply with the terms of this letter within seven (7) days from the date of the receipt of this letter, we shall invoke the entire due process of the law on you.”

You begin to wonder why the Youtuber should be arrested for expressing his views, which is the view of a normal human being. He spent a night at the police station before his lawyer came to his aid. They have further challenged the clergyman to prove that the miracle wasn’t false.

It is sad that some of the clergymen who are meant to uphold the truth in Christendom are helping outsiders make a mockery of it. This dramatization of God’s abilities, simply because you want to get more followers, is making certain men of God blind to reasoning.

Suleman, like the people of the media, are feeling, is implying that there might be no need to work again. Someone said, “then let’s close the factories and schools – let’s convert them to churches since God can just credit the account of his children.”

No matter how spiritual one claims to be, there should be elements of little logic in the affairs of the spirit. 

For some of us who are Christians, Apostle Suleman goofed in a very big way.  He actually made a mockery of the Body of Christ all over the world.

Press Play to watch the video of Miracle money and Angle Alert

Written by: Edward Amah

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