Nigerian Shuns Pope Francis As He Urges All To #PrayforNigeria

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O n the 26th of October, His Holiness, Pope Francis urged all on Twitter to intercede for the nation, Nigeria. He said;

“Let us pray to the Lord for Nigeria, so that every form of violence might always be avoided, in the constant search of social harmony through the promotion of justice and the common good.”

An action which could have ordinarily attracted the alignment of a good number of people turn out to be a point of opposition based on some thoughtful stands.



Well, there are at least four reasons.

1.The helping hand of the Pope really hit the odd side of the people for the fact that he reportedly approved the gay marriage. according to diverse tweets, the Prayers of the Pope are of no use as they had rather find another solution than to receive prayers from “the same mouth” that “legalized gay marriage” as they conclude “we no need am”.

2. A few other put forward their stand that prayers are not needed for all that is needful at this point in time is an action put in place to “find out the root of the violence”

3. Many posed the fact that in as much as he could be considerate of others no matter their religion, he should count those with which he shares the same faith (Christianity) as a priority, as they have lots going on with them as well.

4. Some stated that other issues need to be addressed as well, issues like the killing of Biafrans, Nigeria’s disintegration and many more.

Kindly tell us how you feel appropriate or inappropriate these reactions are below.

Could there be more to these actions?

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