Nigerians Are Not Happy With Mercy Eke Over Her Statement on BBNaija Reality Show

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On Wednesday, August 12, 2020, Mercy Eke irked Nigerians when she took to social media to reveal that she has not been keeping up with the ongoing season of the Big Brother Naija reality show.

Mercy Eke, the winner of the fourth season of BBNaija, said in a viral video that she is too busy making money and enjoying her life to be watching the new season of the “bullshit” show.

Mercy Eke says she’s too busy making money and enjoying life to watch BBNaija

She said: “I’m too busy working my ass off…I’m too busy doing the things I love, I’m too busy enjoying myself, I’m too busy getting shit done than stay at home like you and do whatever you want to do. Just miss me on that bullshit. 

“You can’t force whoever on me. Don’t try that nonsense with me. You can’t force me to sit at home and watch, so quit trying. I still don’t know these people, when I have time I’ll check out. You can’t force me to like them.”

It didn’t end there as the former reality star also descended on those pressuring her to pick her favourite housemate from the current crop of contestant. Mercy boldly admitted that she doesn’t know any of them.

“Are you mad? I still don’t know them. When I do, you will know. I have been doing me. I won and I am out. I am facing real life. I have other things I’m doing.”

Her remarks and nonchalant attitude towards the Lockdown edition of the BBNaija show did not go down well with lots of Nigerians who made their dissent known by dragging the Pepper Dem Gang housemate severely.

Mercy would retract from her statement in a post on Twitter few hours later.

The 26-year old noted that she was misunderstood. That her abrasive attitude was only aimed at those trying to tarnish her image on the micro-blogging platform. She went on to reveal that she love all the housemate of BBNaija Lockdown edition and has no favourite among them.

“I was talking to those who were tarnishing my image on Twitter because I decided to stay neutral. I love all housemate equally, and everyone knows I’m a thankful person your narrative will never change my personality,” she clarified.

Mercy Eke emerged winner of BBNaija in 2019.

Mercy Eke is a Nigerian media personality, actress, video vixen and entrepreneur who rose to prominence after contesting and emerging winner of the fourth edition of Big Brother Naija in October 2019, becoming the first woman to win the reality show.

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