Nina vs Nancy! Who Rocks Blonde Haircut Better?

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I t takes courage and intensity to rock a challenging haircut like “blonde lowcut”. Both Nina and Nancy have demonstrated to be confident by going blonde with their lowcut.

1. Nina striking look in a blonde haircut

Reality star Nina who out of nowhere exchanged up her slay schemes left numerous individuals shocked after she cut her hair short as well as coloured it an incredible blonde shade as well.

Below is a photo of Nina in a perfect low haircut.

2. Nancy stylishly flaunts her blonde haircut.

Nollywood actress Nancy then again is known to have consistently been on the lead of her design and style game. Many however were not astonished when she took it to the next level with her striking and daring hairstyle that includes a blondie look. She styled hers’ with a side C-cut that spiced the look more.

Which of them slays better in the blonde haircut?

Nonetheless, Nina has got more stunning styles in hair game look book.

And so does Nancy. A little shift and we stumble on Nancy’s appearance in a long nice hair.

Try not to appear shocked in-between, but which do you think suits these celebrity damsels the most? A daring haircut or a perfect hairdo? 


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