Nkechi Bianze: Dear Nigerian Males, Stop Dating /Marring Broke & Entitled Girls

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    Popular writer, Nkechi Bianze writes an open letter to Nigerian men, advises them on how to select the perfect girl to date. She also made a list of the types of Nigerian ladies stating which are perfect to date. She wrote

    “My posts of yesterday opened my eyes to how ridiculously entitled the average Nigerian woman is. You start dating a man and automatically think he is financially responsible to look after you? Are they your daddies?

    Are you a baby to be taken care of?
    Why can’t you work for your own money?

    You and these men have same 24-hours of the day. And their penises don’t give them any money-making advantage. So, why do Nigerian ladies think it’s the duty of their boyfriends to pay their bills?

    Dear Nigerian guys,

    Let me advise you on how to select your girls.

    When you meet a girl, make efforts to observe her to see if she has her own money to look after herself, and also analyze how entitled she is.

    Types of Nigerian ladies.

    1. The rich: these ones either work for their money and make a lot, or are from rich families. They have access to money enough to cater to their needs and much more. They are subdivided into two groups.
    1A. The stingy rich: they have enough money, but they will never spend on a man. They will not ask from the man either. For them, it’s “all man answer e papa name”.
    1B: The generous rich: they spend on their boyfriends.

    2. The self-sufficient and independent: they are mainly from average families. These ones are not as rich as “the rich”, but at least they’ve got enough to meet their basic needs. They will hardly ask from a man, except you give them anything as gifts.

    3. The poor, needy and humble: these ones are poor from poor families. They work hard day and night to earn a living. Although they are poor, they do not feel entitled. They are ready to “start from scratch” with the right men. They don’t feel entitled, but they appreciate any little money they get from their men.

    4. The poor and struggling: these ones are poor; usually from poor families. They are looking for men to rescue them from their poverty. They dress up everyday hoping to catch rich men. Their main reason for wanting a man is to escape poverty. They are poor, but can’t date poor men. These are the class that patronize “baba” for love charm to catch rich men. These are the ones that borrow clothes just to attend parties where they can meet rich guys. 🤥

    5. The broke and entitled: this is the most dangerous group. They are broke, lazy and entitled. They think their vaginas are golden trophies that men should pay for. They believe their boyfriends should pay their bills in exchange of the sex. They have all the qualities of prostitutes, but they still refuse the tag. These are the types that would ask a man for transport, and will tell him they need enough for first class or business class flight tickets. These are also the ones that will ask you for recharge card 2-minutes after you meet them.

    6. The greedy, rich and entitled: these ones will give you a straight ticket to hell. They have money, sometimes even richer than their men, but will still want their men to pay their bills, even upto their sanitary pads.
    They are the ones that if you marry them, they will hide their millions in the bank while their husbands go and loan N100k on huge interest, just to be able to feed the family. They will even hide their millions and ask their husbands to give them money to make hair. They don’t believe they should spend money of themselves when they’ve got men in their lives.

    7. The confused feminist: these ones are truly confused. They are the sort of feminists who want to have their cakes and eat it. They believe that they can’t cook, wash and clean-up after men because men should be able to do those things themselves. But they also believe that these men are financially responsible for them.
    When you talk about domestic chores and how men should cook, clean and look after themselves and stop waiting on women, they champion feminism there.
    When you talk about the benefits of feminism to women, they champion feminism.
    When you talk about how women should be financially independent and stop waiting on men to pay their bills, they become emergency patriarchal princesses.
    When you talk about the privileges women have to lose for gender equality, they become patriarchal princesses.
    They are feminist of convenience.

    I have just observed many ladies who fall into 7 on my wall.
    Last year when I wrote that men should clean-up after themselves and stop feeling entitled to having women cook for them, clean-up and all, they came to my post to hail me. That post got over 1k reactions and over 100 shares.
    Yesterday, when I told women that their boyfriends are not financially responsible for them, some of them came to disagree with me. One even came inbox to insult me that I’m spoiling show for her because her boyfriend follows me on Facebook.

    Any man who wants to live long and prosper should avoid women in categories 4, 5, 6, and 7. You would just be digging your own graves.

    My dear brothers,
    Hacken to the voice of a concerned sister. Spare yourselves the heartache of dating girls who fall into categories 4-7. And thou days shall be long and prosperous.

    No one will teach you these in school, and your pastors won’t tell you these. I’m doing you a rare favour.

    Your dear concerned sister,
    Nkechi Bianze

    Nkechi Bianze is a student, feminist advocate and a fearless writer. You can follow her on Facebook to read more of her interesting arguments here

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