Nobody Has The Manual To A Perfect Marriage – Toyin Lawani Shares Advice And Motivation

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As celebrity relationships and marriages continue to hit the rock, Fashion designer and celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani of Tiannahplacempire have shared a powerful piece of advice on how a relationship and marriage can work.

The beautiful mother of three took to her Instagram page to share a stunning picture of herself while she dished out her advice in her caption.

According to Lawani, intending couples ought to be best of friends before entering a relationship so that they can accept each other’s shortcomings. However, in marriage, prayers need to come first. She further stressed that nobody is perfect and that changing a whole human being is a difficult task to achieve.

Lawani buttresses an important aspect is that no one has a manual for marriage; a lot of hard work from the couple needs to be done to make it work.

She wrote: “One thing know for sure is that nobody has the manual to a perfect marriage, you just have to put prayers first and commit your family into God hands daily, but being best friends should always come before going into any relationship, so you can always forgive each other’s shortcomings, cause no one is perfect, You most always offend each other, we are humans.

“Most people are so focused trying to change a whole human being, rather than accepting them for who they are and loving them like that, only when he loves you for your madness or uniqueness then you are complete, the best relationship have the most stumbling blocks you can ever even imagine.

“But in a blink of an eye, All is forgotten and they move on again, you have to learn to renew your friendship daily and make meaningful memories daily.

“That way one person complete the other, You have to learn to love your imperfections, best friends always wins regardless”.

Toyin Lawani reveals main reason she married her young photographer, Segun Wealth 

Recalls that Toyin Lawani further revealed reasons she married her photographer, Segun Wealth.

The serial baby mama via her Instagram page stated that although she’s a materialistic kind of woman but she prefers love to other things of the world. She shared a video that emphasized on the importance of loving someone who will take of one’s soul and body.

She captioned it: “Yes I’m a material girl And I’m willing to work for it, but I don’t put it first when choosing a life partner, worry about who wants to see you win, Not the people that what you to conform into what they want ,you can’t see this much talent and want it to just sit in a house and serve you , My dreams matters , your dream matters, Having kids, Having a husband shouldn’t stop them either, You can choose all this and stil choose you, Remember anyone who truly loves you won’t want to change you . They will push you till you achieve your dreams even if it’s not convenient for them . The partner you choice will determine your success. Note that down. Glad I chose you @segun_wealth 

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