‘Nothing Is Special About a Nigerian woman preparing a Nigerian delicacy for her family’ – Oge Nsimah Reacts

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Nothing is special about a Nigerian woman preparing a Nigerian delicacy for her family …its a standard. 

So I saw this trending picture from a Nigerian actress with the caption, “I will learn anything to please my man.”

This got me worried like some things are fundamentally wrong with the Majority; either a lot of you are badly raised, or you are unconsciously ignorant. 

Here is a Nigerian babe, not from a high-profile family, not a high-profile, busy businesswoman, not high profile busy politician with many schedules, not a president’s wife or president herself; even if she is all these, you should know how to prepare a proper meal, but here she is,  bragging of cooking a native food, A Nigerian delicacy for her family ..!While her husband is using a spoon to eat the pounded yam. hmm, media life!!

And some of you are applauding her…The majority of you are not in touch with the realities of life honestly. 

Like,  you are cooking for your family, which is one of your responsibility as a woman, your primary role  in the house., you aren’t doing anything special to please your man, biko.

Men don’t show off wads of cash they give their wives for upkeep at home online to show us what they do to please their women.

Dear women,  preparing food for your household is not going the extra mile to please your man…Nigeria ladies, please stop this nonsense, you are not cooking to please your husband.

your family eating nutritious and healthy food is your responsibility as a woman… anyhow you wanna do it, it’s your business.

you are building your home. Don’t make it looks like you are doing something special…. it’s your primary role.!!

When you do doggy with him to please him, please don’t forget to firm it and show us.

Oge Nsimah: #TheUncomfortableTruth 

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