Ooni of Ife’s 6 New Wives Is Proof That Most Nigerian Women Only Dislike Polygamy When The Man Isn’t Of High Value – Oge Nsimah

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Social media commentator and relator Oge Nsimah has aired her opinion about the news of the Ooni of Ife taking a new wife literally every week for the past two months now. Reacting to the news, Oge Nsimah wrote;

These days once you open your social media account, the news that will flood your timeline will be how Ooni of Ife is planning on acquiring another wife.
Let’s face the fact,
Ooni of Ife getting Married to all these High profile Women is clear evidence that:

Most Nigerian women only hate polygamy when the man isn’t of high value.

Women will do any and everything to have power and authority cause there is nothing else these women will gain that they don’t have; women don’t joke with power.

Men are loved based on their ability to provide.
This is why people like Ooni can marry seven or more high-profile ladies under 30 days.

While the men enjoy the benefit of multiple sxx partners, their wives enjoy their different sizes of dildo and the money.
The disadvantage is that Ooni, his likes and their wives can never taste unconditional love.

Oge Nsimah

Oge Nsimah (TheUncomfortableTruth)

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