Opinion: Church Crusades Are Always Humiliating Women By Placing No Value On Them

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Some churches are bent on growing the spiritual life of Christians, while others have decided to exploit the spiritual innocence of certain members. When certain physical states cannot be understood, the spiritual is sought after, as means of solving the problem.

In Nigeria, it’s been a tradition for churches to hold crusades for “barren women,” or women seeking “fruits of the womb.” When a married woman has no child in the society, it’s considered an anomaly. 

In order to solve a problem that has been difficult to resolve in the realms of the physical, the women often resolve to try spiritual means. Being without a child in Nigeria comes with its own societal disadvantages. The person is often mocked, and a huge part of the blames are placed on the women.

It is so unfair that the men are excused in most cases, and these churches help in humiliating women in Nigeria. 

Recently, a concerned Nigerian expressed his opinion about the issue, and you could see that he was coming from a point of pain and concern.

“Why is that most churches don’t hold crusades for low sperm count & premature ejaculation in men, but it is always about barren women & fruit of the womb?” he wrote on Tuesday, September 21.

I think Nigerian churches should also start holding crusades for impotent men, and stop encouraging societal rubbish by making the women think they’re the only problem.

Men with low sperm counts also need spiritual help, if the physical isn’t yielding solutions. How is the woman to get pregnant when the husband is near-impotent?

Written by: Edward Amah

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