Opinion: Tiwa Savage Sex Tape? – She Needs To Be Careful With Her Choice Of Men

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    Afro pop diva Tiwa Savage, recently in an interview, revealed that she’s being blackmailed with a sex video of her and her current lover. This was during an interview regarding the release of her latest Album.

    If you recall, the Nigerian superstar separated from her former husband over certain issues, and of course, it was a terrible subject of discussion that was dissected from many angles. Being a single mother and handling a music career, must have been a daunting task in some ways.

    When she appeared on the radio station Power 105.1 in New York on Friday, she said the blackmailer wasn’t going to get anything from her. In other words, she was daring whoever it is to release the video.

    “I am not going to call it a sex tape but it’s a tape between me and the person I am dating right now,” she told host Angie Martinez.

    In the interview, she said the blackmailer must have gotten it when her boyfriend uploaded it on his Snapchat status. Inasmuch as he deleted it when he discovered his errors, it was obvious that a third party secured the footage.

    Savage said it made her cry when she became aware of the incident from her road manager who had sent her the video.

    I somehow believe she has been unfortunate in the choice of men. I know there are those who feel this same way. She seems to be falling for careless humans; someone said on Facebook.

    What if her boyfriend intentionally sent that video to someone to help him blackmail her? This, at least, is not impossible.

    This question is not to be overlooked. This, I suspect.  

    I think she should be careful in her choice of men.

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    Written by: Edward Amah

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