Pacesetters Business Expo 2019 Saw Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Across The Globe Showcase In Liverpool

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The second edition of Pacesetter business expo took place in Liverpool on the 18th of May 2019 and was a day to remember. Entrepreneurs, start-up venture, small business owners, buyers and business-minded people came together to showcase creativity, products in the community. Deputy mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar, Garth Orlando Dallas also graced the annual event.

Pacesetters 2019 was organised by Mrs Titilayo Odunaiya CEO, Temmyzhair and her creative team. Over 40 Entrepreneurs and small business startups around Liverpool, Nigeria, London, Birmingham, Manchester to name a few came together under one roof to sell, socialize and network. Barclays Bank, Nigerian community association, Commonwealth association, Councillors among other prominent organisations were also in attendance.

The event was hosted by Nollywood veteran actor Uche Odopua and Fabu D at the Jubilee Sports Bank Kensington in Liverpool. 

Pacesetters give business owners more exposure and educate them about the latest marketing strategies in order to project and maximize their business potential. The event also on the day honoured exhibitors who have set a good pace in their respective industry.

Pacesetters 2019 was a huge success which saw elegant Fashion showcase, Entertainment, Music, dance, magazine launch and many more great moment take place. Plans for Pacesetters 2020 is already in the works.

Pictures From Pacesetters Business Expo 2019

Deputy Mayor of Liverpool – Cllr Gary Millar
Pacesetters Founder- Mrs Titilayo Odunaiya CEO, Temmyzhair
Nollywood Veteran Actor – Uche Odoputa (Host)



Press Play to hear what Deputy Mayor of Liverpool, Gary Millar had to say about pacesetter.


Photo credit: Pacesetters

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