Pastor Kumuyi Tells His Congregation Covering Of Hair Makes Women Unattractive? He Practically Misled People For Years – Oge Nsimah

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Pastor Kumuyi of deeper life told his member on Sunday that Covering their hair for a long time makes them unattractive, against what he has been preaching over the years. This means he practically misled people for years.

To me, this is the best time to be alive. People will know that Ignorant is not righteousness.

I will keep saying this, Religions and Politics are the major cause of world problems, and to reverse the damage done, will take decades and decades

Because of Religion, some people here grew up hating and despising life itself.

I can still remember when one of my Aunty in the village, a deeper life member told me that my mother and I will go to hellfire.

Her reason was because we don’t cover our heads like them as they were taught in their church.

We use to apply relaxer on our hair and plate our hair with attachments. To them, its a sin, and our punishment is hellfire.

she said a lot things, self-constructed righteousness Kumuyi imposed on themselves.
Now, it looks like Pastor Kumuy is catching up.
How about the people that died ignorant and in bondage?

As a young girl, I used to believe every other Religion was all evil and all Christians were good and honest people.

Being older and wiser, I’ve learned that Religion does not define people.

We were all humans. Religion separated us. Politics divided us, and wealth classified us.


Written by: Oge Nsimah

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