People Wonder; As Nigerian Farmer Shares Photos of Luxury Apartment For Rent At 50k Per Night

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Emerging photos of an exquisite apartment that is rented out at N50,000 per night have sparked reactions on social media Aside from the tasteful furniture and fittings in the apartment, it has adequate security and access to farm produce. Many people marvelled at the view of its interior and showed interest, some found it too good to be true.

According to him, the place affords one privacy, best view and access to farm produce. He also said that it has adequate security plus a boat drive. From the photos he shared, the apartment has the aura of something that was fashioned by a masterly interior decorator with tasteful furniture and fittings as well as lighting.

The restroom and bedroom look like something that is mostly obtainable in costly hotels with its rich choice of household items and equipment.

Social media reacts ;

James Makinde stated:

“Really nice! How does one make a reservation?”

Paul Adunmoye remarked:

“This is grand. “I will love the topmost floor. “How many floors are there?”

Seyi Abolaji said: “Looks like my type of spot… well done Egbon Farmer. Keep up the fantastic work.”

In the clip of the edifice posted by @gidiproperties_, a lady gave the audience a tour of the building, showing different parts of the tiled house and what function they serve. Starting from the exquisite bedroom, she said that every wardrobe in the house has a mirror. She stated that everything one needs in a house is available. As the camera panned, all angles of the aisle leading to the bathroom were recorded in all their beauty. The tour guide also showed the house’s large patio where parties can be held.

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