Peter Odianosen Eromosele: Create Your Own Opportunity!

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Many of us wait for opportunities, and when it refused to present itself, we become redundant, then stay idle. You can create your own opportunity by engaging yourself with something worthwhile. Once whatever you are doing, command the attention of people, you have created the opportunity to make them buy into it, and become happy with yourself, instead of waiting for one job, that will not come forth.

You might be good at writing, singing, dancing, speaking etc. These are opportunities you can create for yourself, all you need do is to work on yourself and develop this talent to become useful and productive with yourself, rather than waiting for one job that even when you eventually get, can’t cover your expenses, but leaves you in deficit. When you are able to create the opportunity for yourself, and it pleases people, you will have them clocking around you, while you smile to the bank. Creating your own opportunity is the best thing you can ever achieve for yourself because it will fit into the kind of life you want to live.

There are opportunities every where it all depends are you create it to your own advantage, and make good use of it. Any opportunity created, stand the test of time, and become worthwhile. This is why you must not stay idle, get busy with yourself to create the opportunity you seek. You can’t compare the opportunity you created, with the one given to you. The one you created, gives you the freedom you seek, while the one giving to you, will tie you down. People who are living their life purpose today created the opportunity for themselves, they are happy with what they do, which gives them the fulfilment they seek. Gone at the day’s when there are opportunities presented everywhere, but now, nothing of such, you have to create it yourself to suit how you want it. You don’t have to wait for an opportunity, create it yourself and live the life you want for yourself. This is the beauty of creating your own opportunity.

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