Peter Odianosen Eromosele: Every New Month, Brings A New Hope!

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The joy in everyone of us, is to witness every new month, despite we are not able to achieve what we set for ourselves in the previous month. But the joy of being alive to see another month, keeps our hope alive that we will certainly achieve our goal one day. No matter the achievement of anyone, once he or she is not able to witness another month, the achievement goes with the person. This is why we must always thank God for the gift of Life to see another month, irrespective of the position of our circumstances. Seeing another month, is the best achievement we can ever think of in life.

Life is all about living it to the fullest everyday, because we don’t know what the next day, month, or year holds, and we can only take control of each day that we are privilege to see. Every new month keep our hope alive, and brings us closer to our goal. For this reason, we should never get discouraged when we are unable to achieve what we want for ourselves, rather, we should thank God for life, which is the only hope we need to achieve whatever we want to become in life.

The hope we need to have, is the breath inside of us, that keeps us alive and differentiate us from the dead. Every new month calls for a special thanksgiving, and the motivation we need to continue to pursue our life goal. We need to see each month as an opportunity to always improve on what we do to get closer to our dream. We should not for any reason stave ourselves from living the best part of our lives, all in the name of trying to acquire things that are not necessary. Every new month, brings new hope, aspirations, opportunities, dreams, privileges to make amend and become good at what we do. Life is a mystery, therefore, let’s take advantage of it daily. We will succeed! Happy New Month all.

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosele

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