Peter Odianosen Eromosele: The Pains Before The Gains!

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Every great achievement in life must pass through a process of pain, which represents hard work before the gain, which represents success. This then brought about this saying, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN” for this reason, whatever you want to become in life, there is a sacrifice attached to it, which you must undergo before comes your prize.

It’s true that people hate hard work, and like success. But the fact remains that for you to become successful, you must first subject yourself to hard work. Failure to work hard, you will be derived from becoming successful. Every gold you see today didn’t become ‘gold’ just like that, it passes through the process of pain before it was refined to become a gold, that is being attracted to all. No body wants to hear your excuses, all they want to see is the result you are producing in whatever you are doing.

It is on record that the great men we celebrate and make reference to today, are people of no background, they fought the battle of hard work to become successful in their various field of operation. Every hater of hard work, is a hater of success, because, you can’t hate hard work and love success, you should either love or hate both. Though hard work is bitter, while success is sweet, but you must first eat the bitter side of it, before the sweeter side. This is how life has been structured, nothing comes easy, even when it comes easy to you, someone else has already paid the price.

Let’s use the case of an AC as an example here. The panel inside produces cold, while the one outside produces heat. The one outside must first produce the heat before the one inside will start cooling. This is how you undergo, whatever pain in your life pursuit before you can start enjoying your gain in it. You must first feel the pain before you enjoy the gain. This is simply how it works, No pain, No gain!

You will succeed!

Good Morning.

Written by: Peter Odianosen Eromosele

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