Peter Okoye, Daddy Freeze & Other Celebrities Reacts After The Shocking IVD Domestic Violence story

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You must have heard the story about how popular Abuja-based car dealer Ikechukwu Ogbonna, popularly known as IVD, had a fight with his wife of many years and she set their home on fire, and mistakenly went into flames in the process. The sad story which has shocked many has got even Nigerian celebrities reacting to marital abuse and Domestic Violence.

Bimbo’s death was announced by her sister, identified as Mama Jazz, via Instagram on the 15th of October.

She wrote…

“My hands are shaking. Bimbo is gone. Bimbo is gone- My sister is gone. The fire is burning me Haaaaaaa. IVD you killed my only sister. Abimbola IVD killed my sister, IVD killed my sister, IVD killed my sister

The sad passing of Bimbo sparks reactions not only from celebrities, but also from family members, neighbours, public, Legal practitioners who has been unfailing sad details about the couple and how the lived like cat and mouse for years.

Relatives, neighbours and associates of the late Bimbo and her husband confirm their years of marriage which produced five children, has been a toxic journey with turns of chaotic scenery. 

According to reports, the late mother of five got married at age 18, shortly after Ikechukwu impregnated her. Their toxic relationship was not new knowledge to even their neighbours in the Okota area of Lagos.

Bimbo, who had allegedly confronted Ikechukwu over some issues which grew into a tussle had fallen victim to severe burns when their apartment was set ablaze, while Ikechukwu escaped with minor burns.

Sadly, she died on Saturday, October 15, 2022, after battling for life for over 48 hours at the Intensive Care Unit as the burn she sustained from the flames was severe, according to doctors.

A neighbour identified as Bukola at the residence explains that;

“on Wednesday night, we heard a loud shout coming from their house.  I heard she poured petrol on herself and lit the match. But I don’t know if that is true because I wasn’t there.”

Bukola added;

“She was rushed to different hospitals that rejected her when she was rescued, but one finally took her in.

Since I moved to this neighbourhood, I noticed that their marriage is too toxic. They both have problems, they have equal blame in the domestic violence as they are both constantly abusing each other”

A relative claims Bimbo had always found her way back into the marriage even though she left on many occasions.

On one of the occasions;

“in 2020, Bimbo had slit her wrist and threatened to take her life because of the domestic violence she suffered, however, after so much back and forth and mediation from some friends and celebrities that got involved, she still went back.”

Legal practitioner Awele Chukwuma

Legal practitioner Awele Chukwuma recounts her ordeal with the couple, she said: “Ikechukwu and Bimbo Ogbonna were among my first domestic violence clients. There was nothing I didn’t say to both of them to end the mad union they called a marriage”.

In 2019, I travelled to Lagos to physically see them. Unfortunately, Ikechukwu wasn’t home, but I met Bimbo and her lovely kids, and they gave me a very warm reception. Their house is fine and beautiful in a rich estate. There was nothing I didn’t say to Bimbo and Ikechukwu to ensure they have a peaceful separation, but they refused, so I decided to leave them and watch from afar”, she continues.

Awele Chukwuma explains that although he was always happy whenever he watched videos of Bimbo and the kids dancing on Instagram, he still believed “a day like this will come where either of them will die and the other in jail.

The legal practitioner added…

“This is one stupid domestic violence case I ever witnessed because everyone, including the couple involved, knew it would end this way. Bimbo and Ikechukwu are the most selfish parents I know because if they were not selfish, they would have thought about their kids and ended their madness a long time ago through Judicial separation or Divorce.”

Ikechukwu Ogbonna (IVD) Reacts To His Wife’s Death

Reacting to the news of his wife’s death, Ikechukwu Ogbonna released several videos on his Instagram page showing supposed evidence of the destruction of his home by Bimbo. In a couple of posts, he shared Bimbo’s voice was audible in the background, hurling insults at him, while in other videos, he shows the injury on his head allegedly caused by his wife, Bimbo.

Bimbo’s Brother Oyindamola Martins Reacts with Shocking Allegations

In a series of Instagram posts, Oyindamola revealed IVD is tested positive for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and was a “drug addict.”

He also said his family members did everything possible to keep Bimbo away from IVD but she kept on going back to him.

He disclosed how 18-year-old Bimbo met Ikechukwu, she had given Ikechukwu all her school fees and eventually dropped out of school. According to him, Bimbo was taken to live in Abuja by her family upon her obstinance to stop seeing IVD. However, Ikechukwu contacted her and told her that he was going to kill himself if she did not come back.

Every effort the family made to keep the lovebirds apart at the young age proved futile as she kept going back to IVD. He said he believes Bimbo and IVD had a blood covenant because “she kept going back to him even with all that was going on.”

Oyindamola further revealed that IVD had threatened to his life over the spilt information on his page.

Daddy Freeze Condemned Women Who Insist On Tolerating A Domestic Violence-Partner.

Daddy Freeze recently stated that just like late gospel singer “Osinachi”, if Bimbo had listened to his different messages on domestic violence she would have fled and saved herself from sudden death.

He wrote…

“I preached this message “If only Osinachi had listened” exactly 4 days ago, if only IVD and his late wife had listened to my message 4 days ago, she would probably still be alive today and he won’t be going through what he is right now.” 

The public figure insisted on separation being taught to partners in toxic relationships so as to stay alive.

“The only way to fix many marriages in Nigeria is for the spouses involved to go their separate ways! If God is telling you to leave; why are you praying to him to change his mind and make you stay?”

He further takes references from biblical scriptures baking divorce when a bad marriage is involved;

◄ Deuteronomy 24 ►
New Living Translation
[1] “Suppose a man marries a woman but she does not please him. Having discovered something wrong with her, he writes a document of divorce, hands it to her, and sends her away from his house. [2] When she leaves his house, she is free to marry another man.

◄ Matthew 19:9 ►
New International Version
I tell you that anyone who divorces his wife, except for s3xual immorality, and marries another woman commits adultery.”


Daddy Freeze goes live on Instagram with Oyindamola, Late Bimbo’s brother.

Nollywood Actress, Nkechi Blessing Sunday Debunks Other Perceived Achievements in Marriage Save Children

The Nollywood actress also reacts to the trending issue. She makes a post on Instagram downplaying every opinion of marriage being the greatest achievement one can come across. Her caption reads…

“They say marriage is the greatest achievement but many don’t get out alive. Hmmm. Loss for words,”

In response to a comment to her post, she added;

“The only achievement there is children, nothing special if you ask me. If marriage no work again carry your marital award (children) and leave to LIVE” 

Peter Okoye Advises Partners to Step Out Of Marriages That Will Lead To Death Vis Instagram story

The Nigerian entertainer and father of two, Peter Okoye reacts via his Instagram stories to the Bimbo-marital issue. He stated that there is a difference between getting married and living married; he advises that partners should stay away from relationships that will lead to death.

His story reads…

“Dont stay in any Marriage that will lead to death! Getting married is different from living married! If it’s not working! Walk away!… PERIOD!”

Nollywood Actress and filmmaker Iyabo Ojo, Reacts with “Two Cents” On Late Bimbo’s Story.

The famous Nollywood actress cum filmmaker and single mother of two, Iyabo Ojo, takes to an Instagram post and shares a lengthy piece.

In her note, the single mother encourages partners, no matter how far they’ve come in their relationship, to still step out when they “start seeing the signs”

“…forget about I struggled with him or her, because of my children, I thought he or she would change. What will people do, you can never own or win a lost battle YOU’RE JUST IN DENIAL you can’t change anyone who has moved on from you. You’ve automatically become a pest & an enemy in their eyes…..”

Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia Condemns African Parents For Destroying The Girl Chil’s Self Esteem.

Etinosa Idemudia shares her opinion on the recurrent cases of domestic violence taking turns in most marriages which eventually leads to the death of the woman.

Being particular about women, she reveals via her Instagram story how she had been a victim of domestic violence in her marriage at a young age and noted that low self-esteem is what kills young girls and not money. She explains the consequences of what a mother says to her girl child on the child herself.

Etinosa discloses how she would have died in 2014 if she didn’t carry herself up. She said women go into marriages in full sanity but develop mental issues because the man makes the wife appear publicly as the toxic one.

Her note reads…

“African parents too no dey try for women-for the girl child. They pass on this tradition from year to year that a man is the crown of any woman irrespective of how useless the man is.

“Yes a man is head I agree but NOT EVERY MAN deserves your head sis, you tell your mother what your husband is doing to you, the emotional and physical torture from him and his family and your mother will be advicing NONSENSE because she too endured her own.

“It’s just a continuous cycle of rubbish but we must start having these conversations. We must break the Jinx. Stop killing our girls

Stop beating our wives, our mothers, our daughters Just stop!! I have hot temper I have hot temper but when you see your fellow man you no fit hit am. Suddenly you get self control. Na for house you get power. YOU ARE A BASTARD!!!!! BASTARD BGER LIZARD.

“Low self-esteem is killing our girls. NOT SAPA. Low self esteem is a very underrated disease. It must not be found in my children.

“Imagine a mother saying to a daughter you over rate yourself too much… as if it’s a bad thing. You carry yourself up too much, men don’t like that. WHO CARES WHAT MEN LIKE??? Can’t I just like what I LIKE???? Do I have to sleep, eat, wake up to please a man? Is that all my life is for???

“I would have died since 2014 if I never chose myself and “carry myself up” Leave to Live. You can do it alone. You are enough. You are bigger than whatever reason is making you go back there. You were once single, you did not die. You are not the first to leave. You will be alright You are amazing. Girl, you are the prize!!!””RIP B and every other victim of DV.

“Yes we will all die some day but never at the hands of someone who vowed to love and protect me in front of God and 200 people in a church!.

“You go into marriage sane. Years later you develop unprintable mental issues because of one bastard that will turn around and tell the world you are the toxic one. Professionals in Gas lighting…set awon my wife is crazy…bagger lizard was she crazy when u married her…I’m tired of bad news and wickedness. Evil evil everywhere what is it?????!!!!!!! Jesus Christ”.

BBNaija Gifty Powers Says Submission is a gift and not a right To a Husband.

Brand influencer and realtiy star Gifty Powers reacts to the relationship trending issue with a simple and apt note she shares via her instastory, it reads…

” submission is a gift a wife gives her husband and not a right the husband enforces”

The reality TV star, an ex-BBnaija season two housemate, Gifty Powers, is rumoured to be a divorcee to Sorochukwu Akumah, a movie director.

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