Police Arrest Singer Cynthia Morgan For Allegedly Defamation, Cyberstalking, & Harassing The Crown Prince of Benin

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Nigerian singer Cynthia Morgan, otherwise known as Madrina, has been arrested for cybersnapping the crown prince of Benin, Prince Ezelekhae Ewuare.

According to a lawsuit filed by his team of lawyers, the singer has been desperately trying to reach the prince and trailing him on his work days; unfortunately, all her efforts have been futile.

Her frustration at not meeting him made her publish lies and defamatory statements against him on Instagram in 2020, and she has continued such publications to date.

The lawsuit noted that rather than trade words with her online, the Crown Prince filed a suit against her, warning her to desist from defaming him, but she ignored all his warnings.

To make it worse, she had attempted to contact him through various lines, which he immediately blocked, but she was able to reach him on May 3rd, 2024, and was saying things that pertained to someone who was suffering from an illness of the mind and internal delusions.


Recall that in November, Morgan had publicly accused the Crown Prince of bewitching her and alleged physical assault, aiming to prevent her from marrying someone else.

The Crown Prince responded to these allegations on his Instagram story, announcing his intention to file a lawsuit against Morgan. Cynthia reacted, reaffirming her stance and promising to share her side of the story as she shared images of her and the Prince from 2018.

However, she made a U-turn in a podcast, clarifying that she was never intimate with the prince and emphasizing the lack of close personal knowledge, such as his residence. Her revelation left many confused.

In addition to her issues with the Crown Prince, Morgan had also been vocal about her experiences with other figures in the entertainment industry.

Morgan opened up about personal trauma within her family, accusing her half-siblings of sexual abuse and criticizing her father for being more concerned about the money she sent than her well-being.

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