Police refuse to arrest Nigerian man who staged a protest in front of Abuja house London!

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A UK based Nigerian man, Jonathan Goodluck Oberia stage a protest in front of the Abuja house in London, asking the presidency to return back to Nigeria and that he is no longer welcomed here in the UK. Jonathan Goodluck said; ‘Presidential stewards in Abuja house and staffs called the police to arrest me but the police officers on arrival said I did not commit any crime’.

He had a card similar to the ones in Nigeria protesting and the card read ‘Nigerians want full disclosure, What is wrong with our president’.

Every day since Monday, August 7th, Nigerians are staging a peaceful protest march in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria asking ailing President to resume or resign office.

The president has been in London since May 7 to receive an ongoing medical treatment.

As Nigerians here in the Diaspora who haven’t even seen the president or are able to engage in a conversation with him by any means, what are your thoughts?

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