Pregnant Wife Files For Divorce, Because Husband Bought A Car For His Mother, When He Is Yet To Buy For Her

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A Nigerian woman had gone ahead with a decision to file for divorce, because of what many considered funny. Her anger was bred by the event of her husband buying a car for his mother, while she was yet to get one.

As usual, the media was torn by two groups of those who were in support of her decision, and those who mocked her resolve.

I think it’s rather funny and childish of her to file for divorce because of that singular act. Some women will even love their husband the more for that because it shows he understands the trials of a mother.

The feelings and anger of a Twitter user, by the name of Real Chukchi, can be well be understood. He had this to say:

“Ur husband bought a car for his mum that gave birth to him, and sacrificed all she had for over 25yrs to raise him, and you are angry & want to divorce him cuz you are married to him for a year & few months? Go ahead dawling, your child will get married someday hopefully….”

I don’t think age is really maturity. I think maturity of the mind is essential before entering into a relationship with someone, let alone entering into matrimony with them. When you’re with someone whose maturity is rooted in the mind, there are certain things you won’t be seeing or experiencing.

This wife couldn’t stop for a minute to ask “am I not going to be a mother tomorrow?”

She didn’t stop to think for a moment on “how the mother must have suffered while bringing him up.”

Her mind didn’t remind her that “he can still get me a car later.”

And this is because of lack of a matured mind. If her mind was grown enough to understand these things in quotation, she wouldn’t feel inferior to the husband’s mother. She wouldn’t feel sad.

Written by: Edward Amah

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