PREMIER LEAGUE COLORS OF COVID19 – Is your team asymptomatic?     

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…..Is your team asymptomatic? 

Neither the brilliance of Jack Grealish nor that of Teemu Pukki’s 2019/2020 season could have saved the Carol Road nor Vila Park clubs respectively from the championship next season. would that be what the fans of Norwich City FC and Aston Villa would like to hear or think? Well nope! I guess not myself as the Premiership goes into its final games for all twenty clubs. For what would be a long interval; it’s been a splufik “game on time” on the planet and indeed the UK attempts to defend, attack and score goals. Valuable live-saving points against the global coronavirus pandemic can be related to our fantastic game of football and diehard fans sadly could associate that to their teams.

Football has never been the same again for the better half of this season’s campaign. So, what we are about to do here is to paint out with our analytical brushes in few words those teams which have suffered the most blows in the premiership as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Believe me, you could be surprised to see your team in our list if you would just keep reading.

Looking at a team with so much promise at the beginning of the season, Norwich City, became the first team to get relegated from the English Premier League having just been promoted to the top flight this season. The Canaries’ final nail was a 4-0 loss to West Ham on Saturday, which means they are mathematically out of the race to stay up.

All goals were scored by Michail Antonio at that penultimate fixture with three games to the end of the season at the time, they had managed just 21 points and 26 goals In the 35 games they have played. So far, they won only five games, lost 24 and drew six times so if the colour of COVID isn’t yellow and green then what colour is it?

Villa fans would agree that their team captain is a talisman that would be missed should the club fail to survive the drop. Jack Grealish who seem to have literarily played his heart out all season would love to see his effort translate into valuable points in the games against Everton where hopes would be way up but for Theo Walcot’’s goal proved vital and the controversies of supposed VAR robberies of Penalty opportunities. The result means Villa got four points from safety with three games remaining as of the time, but with a vastly inferior goal difference to both 16th-placed West Ham and Watford in 17th place who eventually lost five in as many games played. Time maybe swinging clips of premiership hope for Dean Smith’s team but from the season’s point of view, corona may have certainly adorned The Claret and Blue.

The resumption of premier league football may have been played at the best of empty seats across stadiums, proud fans watched keenly even in Lockdown,  fans deserve the right to freedom and happiness, but don’t be surprised not those of near relegated teams. Oh yea, not just yet. At least not Bournemouth, West Ham and Watford fans, while the later two only lead Bournemouth by three points, they each have a far superior goal differential than the Cherries, likely giving them a tiebreaker. One more draw for either team will likely be enough, and what do you know? West Ham and Watford meet on Friday (17th July) a friendly draw perhaps, or will each team go for the win that will cement its place in the league next season? Or would we be having Broom, Alizarin Crimson, Seaweed, Red and Black striped Shirts or would it be Claret, Sky-blue and yellow as 2019/2020 premiership season’s colours of Covid19


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