Rape Allegation: Dbanj’s Ex-Manager Lifts Lid on What Transpired Between Singer & Seyintan | Video

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Franklin Amudo, the former manager of Dbanj, has come out to give his own account in the protracted sexual allegation currently swirling around the singer.

Dbanj has been caught in a web of controversy over the past couple weeks after being accused of rape by a young Nigerian lady named Babatoya Seyintan.

Babatayo had alleged that D’banj raped her in a Lagos hotel in December 2018, a case that has since drawn attention and scrutiny.

In a new development, Dbanj ex manager said it has become necessary for him to speak up seeing that certain individuals are going around with the narrative that he connived with Seyitan to accuse the music icon.


In a video interview conducted by GoldMynetv, Franklin said he was the one who invited Seyitan to the event in Lagos where D’Banj attended and performed on December 30, 2018.

He said he gave Seyitan the keys to his room to pass the night at Glee hotel when she told him she couldn’t return home that night as it was too late. He did not sleep in the room as he had to go home to prepare for an early morning flight to Accra, Ghana.

Amudo then corroborated Babatayo’s claims that D’banj raped her while the musician has continued to deny the allegation. According to him, he got a call from Seyitan claiming that Dbanj gained entry into her room and forcefully had his way. He stated that the claim was shocking because the singer was never aware of his room number or had access to the key card.


Disturbed by the allegations, Amudo said he contacted one of Dbanj’s close friends in Lagos, Aja Mohammed who then told him not to bother that Ms Babatayo had been settled with $100.

He said:

“Upon getting to Ghana, I just saw that my phone kept on ringing because we were on the bus, and it was Seyitan. We were in the car to the apartment so I didn’t pick. When we got to the apartment, I put on the wifi then I saw her message and I called her back and asked why she was calling me.

The first question she asked was that ‘were you aware that D’banj was coming to my room?’ I said No because first of all D’banj doesn’t even know my room, and he didn’t even lodge at Glee hotel. That was when she made the allegation that D’banj came into her room and had forceful carnal knowledge of her.”

Dbanj is and Seyitan are currently locked in a legal case after she went public with the rape story.

Watch the interview below:

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