Reno Omokri Learns The Hard Way After Blasting A Lady Who Jokingly Asks Him To Be Her Sugar Daddy

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A few days ago, it was a sad day for a Nigerian lady who was publicly insulted by her supposed crush, who happened to be former presidential aide, Reno Omokri.

The young woman named Ahuoyiza Blizzcute, didn’t expect what came to her, when she, on social media, asked the lawyer if he could be her sugar daddy. In his reply, Reno asked if she had any idea of his wife. He described his wife as the latest iPhone 13, and asked if it was proper for one to leave a better phone for her Blizzcute, whom he described as an iPhone 3. 

In his reply, these were his words:

“How will I leave iPhone 13 and follow iPhone 3 and call such sugar daddyism? That is bitter cola daddy. Tufiakwa! I want a better life, not a bitter one.” 

He furthered it afterwards by posting a picture of him and his wife, with the following words:

“You see the look in our eyes? That is the look of love. I want you and others who may have similar thoughts to know that even a sheet of paper is far too big to come in between my wife and I. I have a good life because God gave me a good wife! My prayer for you is that you will find one man who will love you as I love and cherish my wife. In Christ’s Name.” 

This troubled a lot of people, as some saw it as going to far. Many sympathized with the lady, while others defended Reno for putting her in check since she could have done that with an ulterior motive.

Yes, you will understand those who supported Reno when you observe that certain individuals are seeking ways to bring him down. And of course, some persons can be sponsored to do this.

In trying to defend her friend, another lady, by the name of Natasha Okpoti, claimed Reno once made passes at her, years ago. This lady was trying to state that she rejected the advances of the former presidential aide when he later approached her at the Aso villa, during the period the Kenyan President visited Nigeria.

According to her, Reno had several girlfriends at that time, and this implied that he was a cheat.

Reno, in his reply, shared a screenshot of his passport while claiming the stamp showed he wasn’t in Nigeria during that period.

While the issue keeps generating more confusion, as both parties try to disprove each other’s claims, I think it’s proper to note that asking for a number isn’t a bad thing.

One of the jobs of a presidential aide is to ask for the contacts of politicians seen in the Aso villa. Natasha is a politician, and he could obviously have asked for her contact. It’s no sin. He should be seen as having done his job if that was the case.

If Reno truly asked for her number, I don’t think he should be lying about it, unless he actually made a pass at her, instead of speaking on official duties.

Whether she’s right or not, time will tell. People shouldn’t just rush to conclusions.

Opinion by: Edward Amah

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