Rita Dominic, MI Abaga & Other Celebrities Who Found LOVE & Got Married After 40

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We can all agree; Love is a magical, beautiful and mysterious thing we crave to share with others. Unsurprisingly, our top, popular, and favourite celebs are also in this race to find their soulmate. While many hope to have a ring on their finger before their twenties are over and even have kids, the truth is that life rarely goes according to plans, even for celebs. We bet you all know that saying love makes the world go round, and the heart that loves is always young. Celebrities crave love, too, and many of them have been shamed and trolled for not finding love or getting married at what society believes is the right time.

Forgetting that some of these celebrated individuals had to experience one too many bad dates and relationships while searching for the ‘The One’. Fortunately, some of them have proven that the best love can come later in life, giving most of us regular people some hope. Indeed! cupid can strike when you least expect it, and we have proof! So without wasting any more time, let’s look into five Popular celebrities who found their happily ever after later on in life this year when many thought they’d remain single for the rest of their lives. #RitaDominic #MIAgbada #MercyChinwo #Love #Celebritylove

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