SAD! Davido & Chioma Are Finding It DIFFICULT To MOVE ON From The TRAGIC DEATH Of Their Son Ifeanyi

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Would Davido and Chioma be the same again? Will the couple truly survive the tragic passing of their beloved son, Ifeanyi? Thousands of fans expressed these questions after the couple made their first public appearance after cancelling everything and going silent since the tragic incident of October 31, 2022. Famous Afrobeats star, Davido and the love of his life, Chioma, made their first public appearance on Sunday, November 27, 2022, at the inauguration ceremony of Davido’s favourite uncle, Ademola Adeleke as the new governor of Osun state.

This is also coming after Davido ignored and refused to celebrate his birthday on November 21. Regardless of the event, fans could see through the couple and the wrecking sadness behind each smile and each picture pose, especially on Chioma, who reportedly hasn’t been the same since the sad incident. In the pictures and videos circulated, fans pointed out how Davido had lost a lot of weight. Many of their fans felt content seeing the ring on Davido’s finger, which confirms his rumoured traditional wedding with Chioma. Also, how Chioma was involved in all the family activities of the day also helped confirm the wedding reports. Looking closely, you’ll see how everyone at the event tried to cheer Davido up as he put on a brave face. Looking at the couple closely, it was apparent nothing could make them happier right now other than seeing their love child again. Just after the event, the couple returned to mourning their 3-year-old baby, who left them suddenly.

Davido and Chioma might put on a smile now, but the sadness in their soul is very transparent. Despite standing strong and surrounded by loved ones who keep consoling them, would these couples ever recover from losing their loved child Ifeanyi? #Davido #Chioma #DavidoandChioma #DavidoandChiomabackonsocialmedia

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