Shocking Accusations & Controversies Surrounding Oluwo of Iwo & His Canadian Wife!

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Dubbed the perfect couple on social media for their constant public display of affection, Nigerians were struck by the news of Oluwo of Iwo and his ex-queen, Chanel Chin marriage breakup on December 15, 2019. However, Nigerians were not prepared for what was to come after. Just five months after the news of their breakup, Chanel Chin in a bare-all interview accused Oluwo of Iwo for being the reason for the breakup. She not only accused him of serial cheating, but his ex-wife also accused him of, domestic violence, drugs, incident behaviour with underaged girls and being a deadbeat father.

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So, how did it all begin? And how did a once rosy marriage become bitter overnight? Well, Oluwo of Iwo, Oba Rasheed Adekanbi Ilufemiloye Telu I met Chanel Chin, who is now his now ex-Queen a few months before his coronation in January of 2016. Contrary to reports of the couple meeting in Canada, they met in Nigeria. According to Chanel Chin, she met with the Oluwo while visiting Nigeria as a tourist with her friends in 2015. She had previously attended a coronation ceremony and returned to Lagos where she met with the Oluwo for the first time at an event organized by a Lagos monarch.

Was it love at first sight? Maybe for the Oluwo but not for Chanel Chin, she claimed. Two months later, fate would see the two meet once more in a Lagos party in February 2016. As at this time, Oluwo of Iwo has been given a staff of office and undergone his coronation ceremony. And before one could finish saying Jack Robinson, the couple fled to His Royal Highness Kingdom, Iwo to be with each other like newlyweds seeking a romantic honeymoon. The couple got married, and the beautiful queen gave birth to a son for the Oluwo in November of the same year.

With the constant display of love and affection for one another on social media, many people envied their almost perfect royal marriage. As a matter of fact, during an interview in 2017, Chanel Chin revealed how happy she was in the marriage and how she felt blessed to be the only wife of the Oluwo of Iwo.


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