Shocking Details Of How DAVIDO Broke The Internet & Bagged Million From Celebrity Friends

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In what started as a joke on social media, singer Davido has pulled a stunt no Nigerian Celebrity can ever think of or dream of pulling and used it to raise over 150 Million and still counting. With Zero gigs, zero performance, or even music sales. If Davido is known for one thing, It’s for supporting other artists in the music industry and helping them to rise. Something he proudly says with his full chest during interviews.

Davido kick-started a trend after randomly dropping this video on his Insta story. His Celebrity friends immediately began to prove his goodness by happily dropping Millions at his request, just days before his 29th Birthday. Davido has not only broken the internet, but he has also started a new trend as other celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon, asking their fans for money.

Regardless of how he is loved, Davido is also receiving some backlash over his new trend, with many saying he is already a billionaire and shouldn’t be begging on social media, others demand he return the money as he has proven a point, some called him a god amongst men, while another set of people are demanding he donates the money to Charity. What do you think Davido should Do? #Davido #DavidoOneMillion #DavidoBreaksInternet

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