Singer Cynthia Morgan Back With Sad Story of Treatment Under Jude Okoye’s Northside Entertainment

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Remember Cynthia Morgan? The feisty Nigerian dancehall singer and music hotshot who took the showbiz industry by storm few years ago before suddenly going quiet?

Well, she is back and currently the number one trending topic on the country’s Twitter platform following some shocking revelations she made on the events surrounding her exit from Northside Entertainment, the record label formerly owned by P Square’s older brother, Jude ‘Engees’ Okoye.

Cynthia Morgan & music executive Jude Okoye

During a recent live chat with Sandra Ogbebo on Instagram, Morgan talked about how the process of exiting Northside Entertainment led to the change of her name from Cynthia Morgan to Madrina, and then to a long battle with depression, including why she didn’t open up at that time.

She also revealed she lost her her VEVO account, royalties, Instagram account and other things due to the fight had with Jude Okoye and his record label over her contract.

Morgan’s terrible story has since been confirmed by Peter Okoye aka Mr P, former member of the defunct music group PSquare who worked alongside her at the time. In a series of tweets on his page, Peter recalled how the label demonized him when he tried to take Morgan with him when he exited the label.

Also, a GoFundMe account was opened on Morgan’s behalf,  according to Sandra, the lead advocate of her comeback.

Nigerians has also flooded Twitter to react to the damming revelations made by the once celebrated music diva.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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