Stop Seeing A Man As Rich Or Poor. You Are Marrying A Human Being. You Are Not Marrying His Money – Reno Omokri Tells Women

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    Reno Omokri has appealed to women to stop using financial status as a yardstick for going into a relationship with a man.

    Using the recent wedding of the Princess of Japan, Princess Mako to her ‘commoner’ lover, Kei Komuro, Reno wrote;

    ”Dear single ladies,
    Japan’s Princess Mako, who grew up in a palace, left the palace to marry a struggling man living in a one bedroom flat. But you who grew up in a ‘face me I face you’ insist you cant marry a poor man? Even in a palace, you will still be poor! Poverty is in your mind. If you hate poverty, go and make wealth yourself and then use the money to turn your man from pauper to prince. Stop seeing a man as rich or poor. You are marrying a human being. You are not marrying his money”

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