Students at Goldsmiths University London Drops the word ‘Woman’ for #WOMXN

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Not only Goldsmiths, but students at a number of London universities have also started using the word womxn instead of women as part of the efforts to be more inclusive and less offensive. How do you pounce it? Below are peoples reactions on Twitter.

Posts shared on the Goldsmiths University Students’ Union Facebook page consistently use the term womxn instead of women. However, one big question on everyone’s lips is “So how are we meant to pronounce ‘womxn’?”

As well as Goldsmiths students’ union, King’s College London’s student union has also stopped using the term in student communications and societies.

The decision to stop using the term was made as some students at Goldsmiths believe the term wxmen is one that is inclusive of students who identify as transgender, The Sun reported.

Piers Morgan also reacted to the news on This Morning Britain during a debate with transgender activist Munroe Bergdorf over schoolchildren being allowed to choose their gender.

The universities student groups are not the first institutions in recent times to drop the word women from their communications.

In October, the Wellcome Collection’s use of womxn in the promotion of event it was holding prompted questions on why they had chosen not to use the word women.

In a statement, it said: “We’ve had some questions about why we’re using the word womxn for this event. We’re using it because we feel that it is important to create a space/venue that includes diverse perspectives. It was agreed during our conversations with collaborators as the programme developed.


“We welcome challenges to our thinking from our collaborators and visitors as this will enable us to think critically about our approach. We’re not advocating a specific point of view.”

Labour MP Jess Phillips responded to the explanation at the time.

She said: “I’ve never met a trans woman who was offended by the word woman being used, so I’m not sure why this keeps happening. As if internet dissent now replaces public policy. I get what they are trying to do but why is it only women not men where this applies.”


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