“The Best Thing That Has Happened To Me In 2023” Sarah Martins Expresses Gratitude At May Edochie Drag Judy Austin

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Nollywood actress Sarah Martins has expressed gratitude to May Edochie, the estranged wife of actor Yul Edochie, for her sweet gesture.

Sarah stated that what Judy Austin, her former friend, couldn’t do for her, May Edochie is doing from afar. She claimed that the mother of three is referring people to do business with her. According to her, over 10 people have reached out to her, alleging that May Edochie sent them to her.

Throwing shade at her former best friend, she stated that leaving her was the best thing that has happened to her in 2023, as she has now welcomed peace.

“What JUDY AUSTIN never did.. Queen May is doing it from afar.

This is like the 10th person she has referred to me and even the USA Dr Chika who gave me over 500k to do giveaways for my fans also codedly came from Queen May just to support my brand and encourage my business.

The best thing that has happened to me in 2023 was leaving Judy Austin!!!!!

I welcomed peace and peace embraced me!
May God bless and continue to honor you our Queen”.

This is coming hours after Sarah Martins revealed why she continues to drag her former best friend, Judy Austin.

The movie star, via her Instagram page, recounted how her self-acclaimed best friend refused to give her number to someone who wanted to do business with her worth N1.5 million.

She noted how she was always taking bullets for Judy, yet she was doing her evil behind her back. Hence, she has decided to continuously drag her friend until her heart can heal, as she did a lot of wicked things to her.

Recall that Sarah fell out with Judy after she publicly distanced herself from Judy and pitched a tent with May and Rita Edochie.

Feeling betrayed by Sarah’s behavior, Judy had not only unfollowed her but had taken down all posts relating to Sarah on her Instagram page. Reacting to it, Sarah Martins lamented over how her best friend and her husband blocked her on Instagram and expressed hope at how she believes love wins.

In a sudden twist of fate after their fallout, Sarah called out Austin over a $1 million debt.

Sarah promised never to disclose whatever happened between her and Judy during their friendship days or the secrets she confided in her; however, she wouldn’t hold back from demanding her rights.

In more recent news, Sarah Martins subtly shaded Judy, noting how her life has been peaceful since she stopped dealing with certain individuals.

She described such people as a narcissistic bunch of ungrateful idiots.

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