The Genesis Of The FIGHT Between BlessingCEO & Nekchi Blessing Sunday

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    The social media feud between popular actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday and self-proclaimed relationship expert Blessing CEO is escalating. The argument began on November 25th, 2023, after Blessing CEO posted pictures to show off her new bible page tattoo and banging body. A show-off move to make a statement. Sadly, it backfired and caught the reaction of Nkechi Blessing and other celebs who body-shamed her. Nkechi Blessing-Sunday, however, went as far as calling her a placard. The situation, as you can imagine, escalated.

    In only a matter of time, Blessing CEO and Nkechi were locked in a battle of supremacy as they debated who had more houses and cars and who was wealthier. When we thought we had seen it all, the pair have now taken their beef to the streets and pined to touch grass. In a viral video, Nkechi visited Blessing CEO’s workplace and was heard urging the relationship expert to come out so that they could trash their beef using their fists. “Pick a date and venue; I go deflate your nyash,” she hollered. Hmm, would Blessing CEO take on the challenge?

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