The Girlfriend of Murdered Model Breaks her silence, says she is receiving multiple death threats over Infidelity

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Ruby Campbell, age 25 was the girlfriend of murdered young British model Harry Uzoka who was knifed to death earlier this year near his house in London. The model finally speaks about the case and reveals she receives multiple death threats.

Nigerian-born model, Harry Uzoka, 25, was stabbed to death on Jan 11 by his catwalk rival George Koh, 24, who was obsessed with success and had boasted on Instagram messages he had slept with the GQ star’s girlfriend Ruby Campbell, 25.

George Koh and his friend, Jonathan Okigbo have already been charged with the death of Uzoka who was knifed in the heart, shoulder and back after a confrontation with his rival in Shepherd‘s Bush, west London.

Reacting to Koh’s claims that he slept with her, Ruby denied she had ever met him and said she has been receiving  ‘multiple death threats’ on social media.

 Ruby Campbell & Harry Uzuka

She took to Instagram and wrote: “Harry died because a man had a jealous obsession with Harry. He came to his house with his two friends, knives and intentions to kill.

“Since this event has happened I’m so sad and heartbroken. I had finally found someone I was so happy with and he was taken from me.”

Ms Campbell said the tragedy has been “twisted to make it seem like I was the bad guy in this situation or this was a fight about me”.

“This makes me so sad. I have had a hard time this year grieving and I am still grieving. “Harry was my love. I have never lost a person in my life and I’m receiving multiple death threats and multiple social media accounts using a tragedy as click bait,” she added. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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