The Grass To Grace Story Of Zazu Zeh Singer Portable & Why He Needs To Take Things Slow

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The hit jam, Zazu Zeh, a song by Portable featuring Olamide and Pocolee, lighted up the streets of Nigeria and beyond following its release in December of 2021. The song instantly became a street anthem loved and sampled by many. Even people who are not fans of streets jams also caught the wave and joined in the fun.

Zazu was a massive success quickly raked in millions of streams on various platforms and airplay. But it didn’t just stop there. The success of the freestyle jam has rubbed off on Portable’s fame. The lesser-known artist who has been hustling back and forth for ten years to get to stardom has suddenly become the rave of the moment and the centre of all attraction. Apart from spinning controversies here and there, the HipHop Fuji star who refers to himself as Omolalomi and Omoologo has been attracting good luck ever since. The likes of Davido and Wizkid have begun rolling with him and, on two different occasions, sprayed him with dollars. His fans equally gifted cars in the space of three weeks. And for the first time in his life, Portable travelled out of Nigeria to enjoy a fully sponsored vacation in Kenya.

However, owing to his looks, the way he talks, poor fashion style and conduct, many social media spectators have continued to describe the Zazu Master as ‘Money Miss road’, emphasizing that fame doesn’t befit him. But the singer in an interview hinted it’s because he just hit fame and still looks like poverty if it was a person. So, where is portable coming from? What is his grass to grace story? Why did it take him ten solid years to make it to stardom? #ZazuZeh #Portable #Olamide

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