The Main Reason Married Men Cheat

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    Marriage is expected to curb the inadequacies of certain humans, since a vow has been made on “forever.” It’s however sad to see that the institution, has in recent times, lagged in strength to perfect some imperfections.

    People keep asking “why do some married men cheat?”

    Several answers have been given to this question, and sometimes, they are as funny as they come. However, I actually believe these to be the major reasons a married man can cheat of his wife.

    If she’s the nagging and unpeaceful type.

    Every human deserves peace of mind, and there are common instances where the men say “she doesn’t give me peace of mind.” When one is done with the day’s job, only to return home to a nagging wife, it becomes a sad show. When a man begins to become scared of going home, there’s a high tendency that he’ll seek peace elsewhere. And most times, in finding that sanity, comes the arms of another woman. 

    Couples are meant to understand each other, and this helps them to settle issues amicably. If there is no understanding, nagging will be born, and continuous dose of it leads to a state of insanity. This can make a man avoid his home, and become constant in the dwelling of a woman who gives him peace of mind.

    If she denies him sexual activities.

    Some women fail to understand that certain men are not meant to be starved of intimate activities.  In recent times, some women even deny their husbands access to their body for some silly reasons like “you haven’t given me the money – until you do so.” It’s one thing not to understand the urge of your partner, and it’s another to place a price tag on what should be easily accessible.

    In an era where it is more of “I have a right to my body” instead of making certain compromises for the man, he is likely to seek it elsewhere. “I’m tired” is the anthem of some women whenever their husbands creep into the bedsheets.  When you get married to someone who hopes to have a weekly experience of whatever bliss that comes with bedroom activities and end up telling him it can only be a monthly affair, you’ve given him enough room to cheat – you’ve empowered him with an excuse.

    Women need to understand the sexual orientation of their partners, in order to blend well.

    Every other possible reason for cheating, falls into the aforementioned two in one way or the other.

    But people often ask this question too: “What if the woman gives him peace and every other thing?”

    When a woman uses the clause of “after all I have done for you,” then there’s a tendency she did her best to make the union work. And yes, there are cases where the man gets his sexual requests from the woman and also gets peace of mind, only for him to still cheat.

    It then becomes obvious that a cheating man will become hard to please, because he’s not principled. It is not an issue of disturbing God. Most Christians say “if he worships God, he can’t cheat.” The biblical David was known for his love for God, yet he slept with people’s wives. Even killed someone in order to have unlimited access to his wife.

    The main reason some married men cheat, is because they have no principles. A responsible man will not cheat on his wife. He would look for every means possible to make things work out in their relationship.  He would even make compromises too.

    And when he cannot take it any longer, he leaves honourably by asking for a divorce.

    There’s only one notion that summarizes the true nature of cheats: They are irresponsible and unprincipled.

    An irresponsible and unprincipled man will always hold on to several excuses to cheat.

    Principled and responsible people don’t cheat!

    Written by: Edward Amah

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