The Otedolas Are Making a Lifetime Worth Of Exciting Family Memories

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One of the cutest videos you will be watching today on Twitter is that of Temi Otedola embracing her billionaire parents with joy.

In light of the recent event, there has been an occurring theme of people taking bolder steps to express their affection towards their loved ones while they still can. Perhabs, with the realization that life is not infinite and tragedy can strike at any time.

The same can be said of popular billionaire, Femi Otedola and his wife, Nana Otedola who both made time from their busy lives and business schedules to pay a surprise visit to one of their daughters.

Temi Otedola recently shared a heartfelt video of herself caught in a deep embrace with her loving parents.

The young lady, who recently ventured into acting, was excited to see her parent honor her with their presence while she was on set as she tries to get her acting career up from the ground.

Temi is being introduced into the movie industry by top filmmaker Kunle Afoilayan, and she is currently working with him on his movie ‘The Citation”.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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