The TRAGIC LIFE Of Victoria Inyama, Abusive Marriage, FAILD Nollywood Career & Battle With Cancer

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    If there is any Nollywood personality who had us fooled that their life was perfect, it would be the beautiful, gorgeous, and elegant Victoria Inyama. But in recent years, the veteran actress has begun to open up about the things that she has been through in life, including surviving an abusive marriage. Speaking with Chude Jideonwo about her bitter ordeal in January of 2024, the now mother-of-3 revealed that her ex-husband would often take out his annoyance on her when his football team, Man United, loses a match and even more often when he loses a case in court. Over two decades ago, Victoria Inyama abandoned her thriving Nollywood career and relocated to the UK after marriage.

    While dealing with being out of the spotlight of movie making, especially at the time the industry was booming, the actress was again faced with battling Cancer and then enduring an abusive situation for years. While speaking with Chude, the screen diva says her grandmother, who raised her, didn’t fully equip her for the cruel world that she was born into. So, she took matters into her own hands and went back to school to understand social psychology and how to cope. But despite all these, did the abuse from her ex-husband ever stop? Was the actress right when she said her grandmother prepared her for a world that does not exist? We will let you be the judge as we go over the tragic life of Victoria Inyama.

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