The UK Steals Nigerian Truck Drivers By Offering Temporary Visa To Thousands Of Them!

    Lekan, kobo360 driver parked while using the app, Lagos Nigeria.
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    The happiness of several truck drivers across the nation is what figuratively happens when Angel Gabriel decides to send a ladder from heaven to hell, with these words:

    “The Lord said some of you can come to heaven. 

    Those who can sing well in the heavenly choir are allowed to climb up – your sins are forgiven.”

    For a place to be seen as, or, assumed to be hell, there are many parameters that must have been considered. The current Nigeria has similarities to the biblical “hellfire.” The anguish in the land is too much, and this has in recent times, seen more people swim out of the country, whenever opportunities call.

    Days ago, The New York Times had this to say:

    “LONDON — Responding to an escalating crisis, Prime Minister Boris Johnson of Britain reversed course this weekend and offered thousands of visas to foreign truckers to combat a driver shortage that has left some supermarket shelves empty and caused long lines at gas stations.

    The decision, announced late Saturday, reflects the growing alarm within the government over a disruption to supplies that has prompted panic buying and, in some places, caused fuel to run out and gas stations to close.

    So great is the concern that there has been speculation that the military could be called up to drive trucks. That has not yet happened, but Defense Ministry staff members will be asked to help speed up the process for truck licensing applications.

    Late Sunday night, in a move underscoring the growing anxiety over the fuel shortage, the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, said he was temporarily exempting fuel companies from the law regulating competition so that they could share information and optimize supply at stations that need it most.”

    I believe the truckers in Nigeria will find a way to manifest their being in UK. Their joy at the news will not end at expressions of happiness. They’re paid peanuts in Nigeria when compared to their contemporaries in the UK.

    The average annual salary for UK truckers is about sixteen million Naira. Most Nigerian truckers don’t make up to two million Naira in a year, and you can understand their happiness.

    Are we permitted to think they’re unpatriotic? We’ve seen what we consider to be “funny remarks” from different opinions, and they were pointing out that the jubilation is a sign of lack of patriotism.

    I laugh on behalf of the truckers because the smartest thing most people will ever do in their entire lifetime; is to leave Nigeria.

    Written by: Edward Amah

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