The World Health Organisation (WHO) revoked President Robert Mugabe Ambassador Role!

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World Health organization (WHO) has revoved the role of goodwill ambasador given to President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. After (WHO) named him as a goodwill ambassador, this raised concern and angered a lot of human rights activists, thus rescinding the appointment.

Dr. Tedoros Adhamom Ghebreyesus, WHO director-general said

“I have listened carefully to all who have expressed their concerns, and heard the different issues that they have raised. It is my aim to build a worldwide movement for global health. This movement must work for everyone and include everyone.”

CNN, Tedros said he consulted the Zimbabwean government and concluded it’s in the organisation’s best interests.

The public health organisation announced Mugabe’s appointment last week, stating that he would focus on noncommunicable diseases on the continent such as heart attacks and strokes.

During the first 20 years of his 37-year rule, Mugabe notably expanded health care, but the system has badly been affected by the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy since 2000.

WHO is part of the United Nations and focuses on international public health. Mugabe has long been criticized for corruption and abuse of power and had been asked to step down. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa!
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