There is something about Rico’s death that seems suspicious to me’ – Oge Nsimah Reacts

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Popular social commentator and Real Estate expert, Oge Nsimah has reacted to the sad passing of BBNaija star, Rico Swavey and says there is something fishy about his death. Taking to her Facebook page to explain.

Nsimah said;

‘There is something about Rico’s death that seems suspicious to me…so many unanswered questions in my head.

It seems Rico was murdered.

How come, since Rico died, nobody has come out to say Rico was with them, or they saw Rico in a so-so club or joint that night?

Where was he coming from, and who was he with?

Who were his last caller and last chat? These are questions that will lead us to the truth about his death.

I think a toxicology test is needed ASAP,

That he is smelling alcohol is not enough to conclude he was drunk.

We should know the quantity and type of alcohol that leads to these fatal single-car crashes.?

Dear Lagos state government and Nigeria police, please dig deeper into the cause of Our dear Rico’s death. its not everything; we blame the system.

Many evil humans are working undercover while we blame the system.


Oge Nsimah‘.

Watch The Video And Full Details Of Rico Swavey’s Death – Press Play

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