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    Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky ls rich and living his best life - he reminds his fans every day, especially those who have issues with him. This Nigeria’s most popular crossdresser has revealed his biggest wish for valentines day and the rest of 2020, and it looks like he is pretty serious about it.

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    We all know how Bobrisky gets what Borisky wants, from changing from male to female, amazing face beat transformation, body shape looking more feminine to living a baby girl lifestyle it seems like this internet sensation has got it all. So Bobrisky is feeling broody, Our question now is, can Bobrisky buy his most desired gift from God this 2020? As women get older, we all know their desire to settle down and have babies increases.

    We can happily say, Bobrisky is going through a similar phase right now. The once a boy who has slowly transition to a girl took to social media to make the revelation. And said his heart desire right now is to have a baby. Bobrisky posted this photo with a caption and said he wants God to give him a womb, stating that if God could make him more beautiful than many women, he definitely should be able to provide him with a uterus.

    He went further to express his strong desire to get pregnant for the lucky man in her life (Who is married by the way) and how it will be the most fantastic miracle right now. He also made it clear that he has got the money and what it takes and asks his fans where he can buy a womb. In another post, he said he preferred being a side chick to a married man, that way he can only step in when needed and that is just perfect.

    When Borisky went to Dubai in October of 2019, he revealed that he was going for a big surgery and asked fans to pray for her. So for her to strongly desire a womb, does that mean she has finally undergone a major operation that makes him look feminine down there? Bobrisky’s if you ask us is a tough cookie, living his best life in a country that doesn’t support his kind of lifestyle. His transition from male to female shocked most Nigerians if not the rest of Africa and he seems to be winning year after year. Life hasn’t been easy for him living in Nigeria either, in August 2019 she organised his 28th Birthday party in the biggest way, inviting over 100 African Instagram slay queens. ]

    The party was, however, disrupted by the police and Bobrisky lost 19M Naira according to him. These are the kind of issues he faces daily, but it doesn’t seem to deter him. The social media sensation makes her money in Nigeria and has different businesses, apart from being an Instagram influencer, he has an eyelash and makeup company and also makes his money in other awkward ways she refuses to share. A good testimony of her successful lifestyle was after she gisted herself a brand new range rover for her 28th Birthday in August 2019. Bobrisky early February 2020 revealed that he is working on a reality show.

    He explained that he came up with the decision after his fans asked to see more of him. According to him, the reality show will start in Nigeria, and then he would join BFF Dencia, in Los Angeles, California in the United States.

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