Tiwa’s Sex Scandal: Nobody Should Blame Brands If They Decide To Terminate Tiwa Savage’s Endorsements

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Nigerian Afro-Pop Diva – Tiwa Savage – has been in many news outlets currently. Ever since an explicit video of her having sex with her boyfriend was released, it has been an emotional roller-coaster for her. She had granted an interview, during which she announced that someone was blackmailing her with a video. 

Her PR/management handled it in such a way that it got messy, and the tape was released.

Recently, there were tweets and posts from individuals who are of the opinion that she could lose endorsements. But of course, there are fans who will want to argue that it’s very wrong for any Brand to take her off their ambassadorial list.

You’re angry that Promasidor and co could withdraw their endorsement with Tiwa Savage?

I consider people who reason this way to be funny. These brands are business people.  At least I’ve seen comments that shows I’m not the only one who sees the Tiwa’s scandal as a PR Stunt gone wrong. Some Nigerian musicians have been doing foolish things recently, in the name of PR, so I won’t be shocked if this is eventually true.

Need I remind you guys that in 2020, some group of humans signed a petition against D’banj on Facebook platform, because of a rape allegation that was yet to be proven?

Heritage Bank suspended the deal they were to sign with him, because they didn’t want to be associated with something of “disgrace” value. That is business, especially in Nigeria where moral standards are upheld differently.

I’m happy seeing Heritage Bank working with him this year.

If the projections eventually happen, Promasidor, Pampers and the rest, are not heartless. Would Tiwa become an ambassador if she wasn’t paid? She’s using them, and they’re using her. If they decide she’s of no value to them at the moment, it’s left for them to suspend or terminate.

Senator Shehu Sani – as seen in the screenshot attached – is of the opinion that corporate brands withdraw sponsorships from artists when they misbehave, but fail to do so for politicians. It is funny reading this from a man who should know that these brands are somewhat ignoring the politicians, because of certain policies. Besides, the more politicians you have on your platform, the better for your business. I think the Senator and other supporters of Tiwa, have to build a brand first, before making criticisms.

A Facebook user, Chijioke Brendan, gave his voice on the issue, and you can see that he wasn’t happy with those supporting Tiwa:

“Thank God there’s a life outside Social Media…Anyhow, let the world go immoral, decency, good morals will be respected.”


Another Facebook user, also aired his disappointment with certain Nigerians for having double standards in the issue.  He was of the opinion that others have been criticized for similar acts. Why should Tiwa’s case be different?


Some of the Brands in picture, have children as their major consumers.  What example is Tiwa setting? There was no remorse or apology in her appearances, and it’s a bad outing for an ambassador to different brands.

Nigerians keep saying “no one is perfect,” and this we know. But she has to face the consequences for her actions, if some of the projections which have become rumors, finally manifests. Others paid for theirs, and there’s nothing wrong with establishments who could decide to take her off their business list. There is a wrong, and there is a right. It’s left for the organizations to decide if they want to take risks with her or not. It’s their call, and nobody’s.

It is what it is.


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Written by: Edward Amah

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