Tonto Dikeh Celebrates #DaddyTonto While Her Ex, Churchill Pray ‘Children Will Not Be Used As A Tool Of Jealousy’

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While Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh is celebrating herself on Fathers Day, her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill is praying for fathers across the globe.

With today June 20th being World Fathers Day, philanthropist and businessman, Olakunle Churchill took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and his four-year-old son whom he hasn’t seen for over 3 years and prayed for children not be used as a tool of jealousy because of broken relationships. He says a father is a father irrespective of marital challenges.

He wrote “Happy Fathers’ Day to all the fathers in the world. A father is a father irrespective of marital challenges. A father is not only by way of giving birth to a child; but by way of taking care of children around you, and children around the world who are in need.

I pray for all the fathers in the world that your child/children will not be used as a tool of jealousy, because of broken relationships like it’s done in the old Era.
As I celebrate this day, I pray this won’t be the era when single parenting ends up affecting a child/ children’s mentality thereby confusing them.

This is a new Era and things have changed. Relax, you’ll reconnect with your child at the right time.
You Are A father!
We Are Fathers!! I Am A Father!!! Happy Father’s Day To You!

Tonto Dikeh on the other hand, celebrated and wished herself a Happy Fathers Day with this photo and the hashtag #DADDYTONTO
We say Happy Fathers Day to both Daddies!
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