UK based Nigerian Entertainer Ropo Akins Celebrates 13yrs Of Cokobar!

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Popular UK based Nigerian entertainer and founder of, Ropo Akins will be celebrating 13 years in the music and entertainment business on the 21st of October 2017. Within this years, he had brought top entertainers including, Wizkid, Tonto Dikeh, Funke Akindele, Joselyn Dumas, Linda Ikeji among other top Nigerian celebrities in the UK.

After reflecting on his journey, he asks fans to join him at Zebrano club for the 13 celebrations of a brand we’re all familiar with. He briefly reflects on his journey saying…

“13yrs ago I started in the UK with a dream of it becoming an events hub, I gave up my well paying full-time job and invested a lot of time, energy, savings and risked my life (for those that know) to deliver events, also made a lot of friends and enemies. Now I wonder if it was all worth it. Truth is, it exposed me to a lot ideologies and made me understand how a sector of the market think and operate below and above grade. Events promotion is like an addiction even when you are losing money, you carry on…. So i am still carrying on till I reach the promised land. the actual website has become the events hub I wanted it to be and I have now introduced some technology to develop the e-commerce ( pls check it out and give me some feedback). Now it is generating returns from 6 countries albeit small returns, but it is on its way to the promised land…

Anyway, I would not have changed my journey for anything and this Saturday 21st October pls come and celebrate 13yrs of Cokobar Magic with me… I will buy some champagne for you don’t worry but bring your wallet for the drinks after my drinks finish.

I have Exclusively Booked Zebrano 22, Houndsditch rd EC3A 7DB for all of you to come and spend my small cokobar money and some of yours again. Check out for Glist tkts…”.

African Glitz says a big Congratulations to him as we all know Music and Entertainment business in the UK is not a walk in the park, mostly when you’re African. | Rebranding & Celebrating Africa! 
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